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Barwasagar, which is also known as Kashmir of Bundelkhand, is a municipality, famous for his prestigious tradition .The broad lake, fountain and greenery are the causes of its natural beauty. The Company Bag, Rajbag, Gomtabag and other famous gardens are the central point of attraction for touristers. The Barwasagar fort is situated on a high hill, so it is also known as Giri Durg, at the distance of one and half km from the college. This fort is made in eighteenth century i.e. 1389 -1736 by Orchha King Uddet Singh. The Fort is in possession under Jhansi Rani , Rani Laxmibai in 1856.Jhansi Rani have spent summer days in the Barwasagar Fort at many times. So, the reason that it has historical fame and prestige. The Jaray Math, a historical and ancient temple of Pratihar dynasity, of ninth century , situated at the distance of 2 km from Barwasagar , on Jhansi – Mirzapur national highway , which is 21 km far from Jhansi headquarter .This temple is famous for his artistic architecture.

A big water fall, which is also known as the name of ‘Swargashram Jharna’ is a grand water fall is famous at the point of view of touristers. A big fair is organized by Jharna Committee every year on the occasion of ‘Makar Sankranti’ and ‘Shivratri’ on Jharna. On the other side , a temple of Lord Shiva is Situated on a high hill as the name of ‘ Kailash Parwat’ , which is contemporary of Barwasagar Fort.

Citizens of this locality have got great success in the field of education. So follow this same tradition a degree college was founded in 11th July 1990 by Dr. Govind Das Richhariya, the renowned philanthropist and humanitarian , a great leader and socialist, M.P. Loksabha / Rajyasabha and Vice-president of khadi Gramodyog Commission, head office Mumbai. This College was founded on the name of Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya , the younger brother of Lt.Dr. Govind Das Richhariya . Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya who is a genius student of Gwalior Medical College, have completed his degree of M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E. and M.D. also. After that he is appointed in Indore Medical College, Indore. After there he went to U.K. for job. His wife Mrs. Sharda Richhariya, who is also an M.B.B.S., went U.K. with him. She has completed his diploma in Gynaecology from U.K. She is also appointed as a medical officer in civil hospital, Jhansi in the beginning. Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya have donated a gross amount to the college , so for with the consent of management the college entitled on the name of Dr. Ramesh Prasad Richhariya.

This college is recognized by U.P. Govt.in July 1993 and also affiliated by Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. In the beginning this college recognized on graduate level in art with the subjects- Hindi Literature, English Literature, Sanskrit Literature, Political Science, History and Sociology. In July 2001 this college have got recognition in science with the subjects Bsc. Bio and Maths group. In the session 2006-2007 the College recognized by U.P.Govt on PG. level with History and Sociology subjects. We currently offer an unsurpassed learning environment to 1800 students and our 12 faculties provide a growing range of challenging, stimulating courses, leading to either Bachelor of Science (B.sc.) standard in the Arts, sciences and Computer Technology. In 2009-10, a study centre of the Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tondon Open University, Allahabad, was created within the college, to promote the acquisition of knowledge and offer higher education distance learning.

At the Dr. R.P. Richhariya Degree College, we continue to invest in amenities to enhance the undergraduate experience. Learners may benefit from a variety of co-curricular activities including the National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.), Rovers & Rangers and well furnished computer lab. At the sight of convenience a bus is also available for the students of college. This college is the pioneer in excursion field also because it has organized a marvellous educational tour of Nepal/Kathmandu in the session 2012-13. Quarterly Quiz competitions are organized by the college timely for developing the intelligence capacity, power of learning and passion for knowledge in different fields among the students. Projects works in various fields also completed by the students of Art and Science faculties time to time. This college has got great opportunity in the field of N.C.C. In the session 2014-15, the college has received an extra unit of girls from 56, B.N. Battalion Jhansi.

The college will achieve overall educational social, economical and cultural upliftment of under-privileged people of rural and background area. It will promote value based and job oriented education together with highest quality of learning and research in a technologically enabled environment with regional, national and global perspectives.